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Doesn't save passwords, breaks websites

I thought this might be a good solution for my office's time tracking portal. I was wrong. • Safari passwords are not supported, so you have to re-type your login information. Everything. Every. Single. Time. • The webpage doesn't even fully load. The title bar shows up, but none of the content. I know this is potentially a weird website bug, but there are no issues in any other browser I've tested. Simply put, AppGenome doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

Waste of Space

Wish I would have gotten it when it was free… but still wouldn’t want it. Useless...

Doesn’t Save credentials

So I don’t understand how re-entering credentials is a feature anyone would want? In age of password managers I don’t see how this is in anyway more efficient than a standard browser with 1Password?

Terrible, Doesn’t Work

I attempted to create three web “apps” as I have done with Fluid and Webapp (similar apps). It didn’t work at all. Then it would not close. Wasted .99 and delete the app.

Good idea but really doesn’t work.

There are several issues, and even if it worked well the application is much too limited to be worth using. You can just save a bookmark if all you need is 1 single site. It doesn’t save the width in the settings of your site wich means you can’t use sites that are wider than 500px.. + it comes with no manual. Trying to find the settings that only pop up if you hover over the exact right place is a bit too invisible. If issues were fixed and some user friendliness added + the option of saving more than 1 site, this would be a great little tool.

nice but limited

the limitation of one instance/web site is pretty harsh. if you can live with that, then it will work for you.

nice little utility!

so nice to have a specific website available via the menu bar. thank you for thinking of this.

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